Cast of The Shadow Riders (1982)

Cast of The Shadow Riders: The Shadow Riders (released September 28, 1982) is a Western film. Here you will find the list of The Shadow Riders full star cast and their characters.

Cast of The Shadow Riders
Cast of The Shadow Riders
Release dateSeptember 28, 1982
Duration96 minutes
CountryUnited States
Directed byAndrew V. McLaglen
Music byJerrold Immel
CinematographyJack Whitman
EditorBud Friedgen

Cast of The Shadow Riders

  • Mac Traven (played by Tom Selleck)
  • Dal Traven (played by Sam Elliott)
  • Sissy Traven (played by Dominique Dunne)
  • Uncle ‘Black Jack’ Traven (played by Ben Johnson)
  • Yankee Officer (played by Scanlon Gail)
  • Major Cooper Ashbury, Comanchero Leader (played by Geoffrey Lewis)
  • Jesse Traven (as Jeffrey Osterhage) (played by Jeff Osterhage)
  • Colonel Holiday Hammond, Gunrunner (played by Gene Evans)
  • Kate Connery / Sister Katherine (played by Katharine Ross)
  • Sheriff Miles Gillette (played by R.G. Armstrong)
  • Lieutenant Butler (as Marshall Teague) (played by Marshall R. Teague)
  • Devol (played by Ben Fuhrman)
  • Ma Traven (played by Jane Greer)
  • Pa Traven (played by Harry Carey Jr.)
  • Heather Traven (played by Natalie May)
  • Southern Belle (played by Jeannetta Arnette)
  • Frank King, Kate’s Fiancee (played by Owen Orr)
  • Renfro Damsel (played by Kristina David)
  • Sergeant Ballock (played by Joe Capone)
  • Laird (played by Robert B. Craig)
  • Guy shot off the water tower (uncredited) (played by Brian K. Sorenson)

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