Cast of The Underdoggs (film 2024)

Cast of The Underdoggs: The Underdoggs (released January 26, 2024) is a sports-comedy drama film. Here you will find the complete list of star cast of The Underdoggs.

Cast of The Underdoggs
Cast of The Underdoggs

Table of Contents

Cast of The Underdoggs

  • Jaycen Jenning “JJ” (played by Snoop Dogg)
  • Cherise (played by Tika Sumpter)
  • Young Jaycen (played by Elias Ferguson)
  • Tre (played by Jonigan Booth)
  • Dwayne (as Caleb Cm Dixon) (played by Caleb Dixon)
  • Tony (played by Adan James Carrillo)
  • Gary (played by Alexander Michael Gordon)
  • Ghost (played by Kylah Davila)
  • Kareem (played by Mike Epps)
  • Coach Feis (played by George Lopez)
  • Bale (played by Shamori Washington)
  • Esa (played by Schelle Purcell)
  • Chip Collins (played by Andrew Schulz)
  • Ryan Kauffman (played by Kal Penn)
  • Tony’s Father (as Luis Hernandez) (played by Luis R. Hernandez)
  • Tony’s Mother (played by Nancy De Mayo)
  • Judge Tara (played by Kandi Burruss)
  • Referee (played by Thom Scott II)
  • Referee (played by Edward Johnson III)
  • Valet (played by Kevin Pocasangre)
  • Young Boy Fan (played by Rylan Thomas Heene)
  • White Player (played by Simms May)
  • White Player (played by Cole Kashdan)
  • Young Cherise (played by Darby Farr)
  • Chip’s Quarterback (as Gavin James Cole)(played by Gavin Cole)
  • LB Poly Quarterback (played by Steven Van Tiflin)
  • Posing Team Quarterback (played by James Andrew Kientzy)
  • Tony Gonzalez (played by Tony Gonzalez)
  • Deion Sanders (played by Deion Sanders)
  • Terry Bradshaw (played by Terry Bradshaw)
  • Curt Menefee (played by Curt Menefee)
  • Michael Strahan (played by Michael Strahan)
  • Howie Long (played by Howie Long)
  • Jay Glazer (played by Jay Glazer)
  • Tre (uncredited) (played by Brandon A. Davis II)
  • Football Player (uncredited) (played by Robert DeAngelo)
  • Football Player (uncredited) (played by Benjamin M. White)
  • The Itis #70 (uncredited) (played by Lafayette Williams Jr.)
  • Fruit Loop (uncredited) (played by Ka’zion Wilson)

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