Lift (Movie 2024) – Full Cast and Their Characters

Lift (released January 12, 2024) is heist comedy movie Here you will find the list of Lift full star cast and their characters.

Cast of Lift
Release dateJanuary 12, 2024
Duration107 minutes
CountryUnited States
Helmed byF. Gary Gray
Scripted byDaniel Kunka
Produced bySimon Kinberg
Audrey Chon
Matt Reeves
Adam Kassan
Kevin Hart
Brian Smiley
Main CastKevin Hart
Sam Worthington
CinematographyBernhard Jasper
Edited byWilliam Yeh
Music byDominic Lewis
Guillaume Roussel

Table of Contents

Cast of Lift

  • Cyrus (played by Kevin Hart)
  • Abby (played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw)
  • Huxley (played by Sam Worthington)
  • Denton (played by Vincent D’Onofrio)
  • Camila (played by Úrsula Corberó)
  • Magnus (played by Billy Magnussen)
  • Mi-Sun (as Yunjee Kim) (played by Yun Jee Kim)
  • Luke (played by Viveik Kalra)
  • Jorgensen (played by Jean Reno)
  • N8 (played by Jacob Batalon)
  • Cormac (played by Burn Gorman)
  • Donal (played by Paul Anderson)
  • Harry (played by David Proud)
  • Mollsen (played by Oli Green)
  • Ross (played by Ross Anderson)
  • Stefano (played by Stefano Skalkotos)
  • Leviathan Leader (played by Martina Avogadri)
  • Arthur Tigue (played by Jess Liaudin)
  • Sandra (played by Caroline Loncq)
  • Sterling’s Auctioneer (played by Alessandro Quattro)
  • Auction Greeter 1 (as Marta Lunè) (played by Marta Luné)
  • Auction Greeter 2 (played by Martina Vanin)
  • Auction Security Guard (played by Edward Bellemo)
  • Newscaster (London) (played by Nadira Tudor)
  • Newscaster (New York) (played by Polly Middlehurst)
  • Newscaster (Tokyo) (played by Michael Absalom)
  • Claude (as Morgan Cranton-Jones) (played by Morgan C. Jones)
  • Newscaster (Madrid) (played by Andrew Wilson)
  • Flight Attendant (Business) (played by Eva Hein West)
  • Flight Attendant (First Class) (played by Jordan Coombes)
  • A380 Pilot (played by Gerard Monaco)
  • A380 Co-Pilot (played by Roy McCrerey)
  • Noah (played by Erol Ismail)
  • Roth (played by Gordon Alexander)
  • Vaxby (played by Russ Bain)
  • Interpol Agent (played by Eman Kazemi)
  • NATO Pilot 1 (played by Amit Dhut)
  • NATO Pilot 2 (played by Mark Hampton)
  • Commander Hamilton / NATO ATC (played by Gary Fannin)
  • Jorgensen Guard (played by Francesco Garritani)
  • Carabinieri (played by Vittorio Verdirosi)
  • (voice) (uncredited) (played by Iaeli Anselmo)
  • Auction Participant (uncredited) (played by Paolo Braghetto)
  • Interpol Agent (uncredited) (played by Anita Brajkovich)
  • (voice) (uncredited) (played by Andreas Caruso)
  • Londoner (uncredited) (played by Kimberly Collison)
  • Tourist (uncredited) (played by Aran Cosentino)
  • Airline Business Passenger (uncredited) (played by Hugh Irvine)
  • Background (uncredited) (played by Angelo Molinari)
  • Office Worker (uncredited) (played by Nick Owenford)
  • Greeter 3 (uncredited) (played by Edward Perella-Willis)
  • Tourist (uncredited) (played by Tina Simmons)
  • San Marco (uncredited) (played by Alfredo Tavares)
  • Air Steward (uncredited) (played by Taylor Topal)

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