Cast of Babe (film 1995)

Cast of Babe: Babe (released August 4, 1995) is a comedy drama film. Here you will find the list of Babe full star cast and their characters.

Cast of Babe
Cast of Babe
Release dateAugust 4, 1995 (
Duration92 minutes
CountryUnited States
Directed byChris Noonan
CinematographyAndrew Lesnie
Edited byMarcus D’Arcy
Jay Friedkin
Music byNigel Westlake
StarringJames Cromwell
Magda Szubanski
Hugo Weaving

Table of Contents

Cast of Babe

  • Babe (voice) (played by Christine Cavanaugh)
  • Fly (voice) (played by Miriam Margolyes)
  • Ferdinand (voice) (played by Danny Mann)
  • Rex (voice) (played by Hugo Weaving)
  • Maa (voice) (played by Miriam Flynn)
  • Cat (voice) (as Russie Taylor) (played by Russi Taylor)
  • Old Ewe (voice) (played by Evelyn Krape)
  • Horse (voice) (played by Michael Edward-Stevens)
  • Cow (voice) (played by Charles Bartlett)
  • Rooster (voice) (played by Paul Livingston)
  • Narrator (voice) (played by Roscoe Lee Browne)
  • Farmer Hoggett (played by James Cromwell)
  • Esme Hoggett (played by Magda Szubanski)
  • Daughter (played by Zoe Burton)
  • Son-in-Law (played by Paul Goddard)
  • Grandson (played by Wade Hayward)
  • Granddaughter (played by Brittany Byrnes)
  • Valda (played by Mary Acres)
  • Country Woman (played by Janet Foye)
  • Country Woman (played by Pamela Hawken)
  • Country Woman (played by Karen Gough)
  • The Vet (played by David Webb)
  • Chairman of Judges (played by Marshall Napier)
  • Lion’s Club Man (as Hec Macmillan) (played by Hec McMillan)
  • Lion’s Club Man (played by Ken Gregory)
  • Sheep Rustler (played by Nicholas Lidstone)
  • Electrical Linesman (played by Trevor Read)
  • Electrical Linesman (played by Nicholas Blake)
  • Sheepdog Trial Official (played by Matthew Long)
  • TV Commentator (played by John Doyle)
  • TV Commentator (played by Mike Harris)
  • Puppy (voice) (played by Ross Bagley)
  • Puppy (voice) (played by Gemini Barnett)
  • Puppy (voice) (played by Rachel Davey)
  • Puppy (voice) (played by Debi Derryberry)
  • Puppy (voice) (as Jazzmine Dillingham) (played by Jazz Raycole)
  • Puppy (voice) (played by Courtland Mead)
  • Puppy (voice) (as Kevin Woods) (played by Kevin Jamal Woods)
  • Sheep (voice) (played by Jane Alden)
  • Sheep (voice) (played by Kimberly Bailey)
  • Sheep (voice) (played by Patrika Darbo)
  • Sheep (voice) (played by Michelle Davison)
  • Sheep (voice) (played by Julie Forsyth)
  • Sheep (voice) (played by Maeve Germaine)
  • Sheep (voice) (played by Rosanna Huffman)
  • Sheep (voice) (played by Carlyle King)
  • Sheep (voice) (played by Tina Lifford)
  • Sheep (voice) (as Genni Nevinson) (played by Gennie Nevinson)
  • Sheep (voice) (as Linda Phillips) (played by Mary Linda Phillips)
  • Sheep (voice) (played by Paige Pollack)
  • Sheep (voice) (played by Kerry Walker)
  • Other Character Voices (voice) (played by Barbara Harris)
  • Other Character Voices (voice) (as Jacqueline Brennan) (played by Jacquie Brennan)
  • Other Character Voices (voice) (played by Doug Burch)
  • Other Character Voices (voice) (played by John Erwin)
  • Other Character Voices (voice) (played by Doris Grau)
  • Other Character Voices (voice) (played by Tony Hughes)
  • Other Character Voices (voice) (played by Linda Janssen)
  • Other Character Voices (voice) (as Daamen Krall) (played by Daamen J. Krall)
  • Other Character Voices (voice) (played by Charlie MacLean)
  • Other Character Voices (voice) (played by Justin Monjo)
  • Other Character Voices (voice) (played by Antonia Murphy)
  • Other Character Voices (voice) (played by Helen O’Connor)
  • Other Character Voices (voice) (played by Neil Ross)
  • Other Character Voices (voice) (played by Scott Vernon)
  • Man Sitting in Crowd at Sheep Trial (uncredited) (played by Kay E. Kuter)
  • Man Buying 3 Pups (uncredited) (played by Karl Lewis Miller)

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