Cast of Anyone but You (Movie 2023)

Anyone but You (released December 22, 2023) is a romantic-comedy movie. Here you will find the list of Anyone But You full star cast and their characters.

Release dateDecember 22, 2023
Duration103 minutes
CountryUnited States
Directed byWill Gluck
Screenplay byIlana Wolpert
Will Gluck
Story byIlana Wolpert
Produced byWill Gluck
Joe Roth
Jeff Kirschenbaum
CinematographyDanny Ruhlmann
Edited byTia Nolan
Kim Boritz-Brehm
Music byEste Haim
Christopher Stracey
StarringSydney Sweeney
Glen Powell
Alexandra Shipp
Hadley Robinson

Table of Contents


  • Bea (Played by Sydney Sweeney)
  • Ben (Played by Glen Powell)
  • Barista (Played by Mia Artemis)
  • Miranda Clerk (Played by Nat Buchanan)
  • Skyler Cappuccino (Played by Josh Bonello)
  • Pete (as GaTa) (Played by Gata)
  • Claudia (Played by Alexandra Shipp)
  • Halle (Played by Hadley Robinson)
  • Leo (Played by Dermot Mulroney)
  • Innie (Played by Rachel Griffiths)
  • Flight Attendant (Played by Deborah Faye Lee)
  • Peter Gluck (Played by Lance Kerfuffle)
  • Olivia von Stauffenberg (Played by Taryn Gluck)
  • Mafalda von Stauffenberg (Played by Alexandra Gluck)
  • Mother At Airport (Played by Summer Tian)
  • Father at Airport (Played by Dan Liu)
  • Daughter at Airport (Played by Davina Chan)
  • Margaret (Played by Charlee Fraser)
  • Beau (Played by Joe Davidson)
  • Roger (Played by Bryan Brown)
  • Carol (Played by Michelle Hurd)
  • Jonathan (Played by Darren Barnet)
  • Superyacht Crew Member (Played by Mariama Whitton)
  • Superyacht Crew Member (Played by Ryan Panizza)
  • Harbour Patrol Heli Responder (Played by Talayna Moana Nikora)
  • Harbour Patrol Driver (Played by Beau Karolos)
  • Dogberry Clerk (Played by Ben Heber)
  • Klonopin (Played by Maple)
  • Wedding Guest (uncredited) (Played by Theodore Avery)
  • Nightclub Patron (uncredited) (Played by Victoria Ferrara)
  • Opera house guest (uncredited) (Played by Apit Karki)
  • Int’l Traveller (uncredited) (Played by Hiroshi Kasuga)
  • Airport Passenger (uncredited) (Played by Aiden Mckenzie)
  • Wedding Guest (uncredited) (Played by Jacob Yee)

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