Kung Fu Panda 4 (released March 8, 2024) is an animated martial-arts comedy film. Here you will find the list of Kung Fu Panda 4 full star cast and their characters.

Unofficial poster
Release datesMarch 8, 2024
Duration94 minutes
CountryUnited States
Directed byMike Mitchell
StarringJack Black
Bryan Cranston
James Hong
Ian McShane
CinematographyJoshua Gunther
Edited by Christopher Knights
Music byHans Zimmer
Steve Mazzaro

Table of Contents


  • Po (voice) (played by Jack Black)
  • Zhen (voice) (played by Awkwafina)
  • The Chameleon (voice) (played by Viola Davis)
  • Shifu (voice) (played by Dustin Hoffman)
  • Li (voice) (played by Bryan Cranston)
  • Mr. Ping (voice) (played by James Hong)
  • Tai Lung (voice) (played by Ian McShane)
  • Han (voice) (played by Ke Huy Quan)
  • Fish (voice) (played by Ronny Chieng)
  • Granny Boar (voice) (played by Lori Tan Chinn)
  • Mantis (voice) (played by Seth Rogen)
  • Panda Pig (voice) (as Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson) (played by Mr. Beast)
  • Boastful Komodo / Frightened Ram / Goose Jail Guard / Bunny Bartender (voice) (played by James Murray)
  • Bull Officer #2 / Ram Worker / Master Villain #1 (voice) (played by James Sie)
  • Bull Officer #1 / Ram Foreman / Questioned Boar (voice) (played by Cedric Yarbrough)
  • Bear Crime Boss / Last Ram / Tavern Patron #2 (voice) (played by Vic Chao)
  • Den Bunny #2 / Piglet #1 / Piglet #2 / Action Figure Pig Kid / Picture Bunny Kid / Restaurant Bunny #2 (voice) (played by Audrey Brooke)
  • Den Bunny #3 / Action Figure Panda Kid / Restaurant Bunny #3 (voice) (played by Lincoln Nakamura)
  • Den Bunny #1 / Restaurant Bunny #1 (voice) (played by Cece Valentina)
  • Pig Patron #2 (voice) (played by April Hong)
  • Autograph-Seeking Fan #1 (voice) (played by Suzanne Buirgy)
  • Autograph-Seeking Fan #2 (voice) (played by Logan Kim)
  • Adoring Fan (voice) (played by Reyn Doi)
  • Old Bunny Patron (voice) (played by Mick Wingert)
  • Pig Patron #1 / Questioned Croc (voice) (played by Peggy Etra)
  • Badger Crime Boss (voice) (played by Gedde Watanabe)
  • Wolf Crime Boss / Bunny Waiter / Citizen #1 / Questioned Sheep (voice) (played by Karen Maruyama)
  • Croc Crime Boss (voice) (played by Tom McGrath)
  • Disheveled Bunny / Pig Thief / Questioned Bull (voice) (played by Phil LaMarr)
  • Tavern Patron #3 / Citizen #4 (voice) (played by Mike Mitchell)
  • Antelope Thief / Citizen #2 / Tavern Patron #1 / Master Villain #2 (voice) (played by Colleen Smith)
  • Questioned Antelope / Citizen #3 (voice) (played by Sarah Sarang Oh)
  • Transforming Rhino (voice) (played by Paul Pape)
  • Transforming Wolf (voice) (played by James Taku Leung)
  • Transforming Croc (voice) (played by Steve Alterman)
  • Annoyed Komodo (voice) (played by Christopher Knights)
  • Fire-Breathing Croc (voice) (played by Harry Shum Jr.)

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