Cast of Houseboat (1958)

Houseboat (released November 19, 1958) is a romantic comedy film. Here you will find the list of Houseboat full star cast and their characters.

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Release dateNovember 19, 1958
Duration109 minutes
CountryUnited States
Directed byMelville Shavelson
CinematographyRay June
Edited byFrank Bracht
Music byGeorge Duning
StarringCary Grant
Sophia Loren
Martha Hyer
Harry Guardino

Table of Contents

Cast of Houseboat

  • Tom Winters (played by Cary Grant)
  • Cinzia Zaccardi (played by Sophia Loren)
  • Carolyn Gibson (played by Martha Hyer)
  • Angelo Donatello (played by Harry Guardino)
  • Arturo Zaccardi (played by Eduardo Ciannelli)
  • Capt. Alan Wilson (played by Murray Hamilton)
  • Elizabeth Winters (played by Mimi Gibson)
  • David Winters (played by Paul Petersen)
  • Robert Winters (played by Charles Herbert)
  • Mrs. Farnsworth (played by Madge Kennedy)
  • Mr. William Farnsworth (played by John Litel)
  • Harold Messner (played by Werner Klemperer)
  • Carnival Patron (uncredited) (played by Herman Belmonte)
  • Pitchman (uncredited) (played by Brooks Benedict)
  • Dancer (uncredited) (played by Gilbert Brady)
  • Dancer (uncredited) (played by Nikki Faustino Brady)
  • French Diplomat (uncredited) (played by Ernst Brengt)
  • Country Club Patron (uncredited) (played by Ralph Brooks)
  • Woman in Laundromat (uncredited) (played by Helen Brown)
  • Minor Role (uncredited) (played by Larry Carr)
  • Country Club Waiter (uncredited) (played by Jack Chefe)
  • Country Club Patron (uncredited) (played by Beulah Christian)
  • Eleanor Wilson (uncredited) (played by Peggy Connelly)
  • Country Club Patron (uncredited) (played by Oliver Cross)
  • Country Club Patron (uncredited) (played by Roy Damron)
  • Party Guest (uncredited) (played by Jack Deery)
  • Police Officer (uncredited) (played by Stewart East)
  • Waiter (uncredited) (played by Joe Evans)
  • Country Club Patron (uncredited) (played by Tom Ferrandini)
  • Country Club Patron / Wedding Guest (uncredited)(played by Bess Flowers)
  • British Society Woman (uncredited) (played by Mary Forbes)
  • Laundromat Gossip (uncredited) (played by Kathleen Freeman)
  • Country Club Patron (uncredited) (played by Kenneth Gibson)
  • Party Guest (uncredited) (played by Bobby Gilbert)
  • Country Club Patron (uncredited) (played by James Gonzalez)
  • Handsome Man (uncredited) (played by Bill Hickman)
  • Country Club Patron (uncredited) (played by Kenner G. Kemp)
  • Dancer (uncredited) (played by Joe Lanza)
  • Country Club Patron (uncredited) (played by Perk Lazelle)
  • Laundromat Attendant (uncredited) (played by Florence MacAfee)
  • Carnival Patron (uncredited) (played by Philo McCullough)
  • Pitchman (uncredited) (played by Joe McTurk)
  • Country Club Patron (uncredited) (played by William Meader)
  • Country Club Patron / Wedding Guest (uncredited)
  • (played by Harold Miller)
  • Country Club Patron (uncredited) (played by Hans Moebus)
  • Clown (uncredited) (played by Pat Moran)
  • Pizza Saleswoman (uncredited) (played by Gilda Oliva)

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